Listen but Watch

Listen to what various countries say about climate change and renewable energy, but watch what they do. It is politically fashionable, even expedient, to talk a good game about climate change and renewable energy. The last we heard, though, China is still starting up coal-fired power plants at a rate of one new plant per week. Meanwhile, the US and much of Europe are gradually moving away from fossil fuels, and away from coal in particular. The map below shows where burning coal to generate electricity is still a big part of industry.

One more thought: any rationale for US climate policy that does not take Asia’s use of coal into account is incomplete.

2 thoughts on “Listen but Watch

  1. It is truly baffling that the US insists on tying one (or more) of its own hands behind its back when it comes to energy policy. Every woke politician is more interested in promoting their own wokeness at the expense of national security and economic health. Frightening times we are in.


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