Contest Theme: Historical Building

A few weeks ago my “Electrons are Cheap” post mentioned a weekly contest held by the “Christian Photographers on Facebook” group. Our group hosts a weekly competition in which the group admins announce a theme and members may submit a photo that they believe fits the theme. The theme this week is “Historical Building.” My entry may not fit the definition of building, but at least it is a man-made structure. Here it is:

This is the ancient amphitheater at Ephesus. The stage and first tier of seating are in pretty good shape because it may have been used recently for a concert.

This amphitheater also turns up in Biblical history as the likely site of a large protest against Christianity and the Apostle Paul. Read Acts 19:23-41 for the historical account and you find that the protest group occupied the theater for over two hours, and came close to being charged with a riot. It was much quieter when we were there.

One thought on “Contest Theme: Historical Building

  1. When I visited there I remember sitting in one of the rows and contemplating whether Paul sat in that exact place that I was sitting. It was very reflective.


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