Contest Theme: Pink and Red

A few weeks ago my “Electrons are Cheap” post mentioned a contest held by the Christian Photographers on Facebook group. Our group hosts a weekly competition in which the admins announce a theme and members may submit a photo that they believe fits the theme. The theme last week was “Pink and Red.” Entries included fireworks, an old red farm truck, and, as you might expect, a lot of excellent photos of flowers. Here was my entry:

This pink spray of roses came from our own rose garden a few years ago. However, it was so long ago that I cannot remember whether I was shooting in portrait or landscape mode. In other words, which side is the top of the photo? What do you think?

The contest theme this week is “something out of place” and the challenge is to post an image with something out of place, or something that surprised me after I took the picture. I have a LOT of photos in my personal library (remember, Electrons are Cheap), so it may take a while to come up with an entry.

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