Electrons are Cheap

A few weeks ago a friend pointed me to “Christian Photographers on Facebook” which is a group of, well, Christian photographers on Facebook. With over 1500 members, there are plenty of interesting photos to see, and lessons to learn about creativity and skill with a camera.

Our group holds a weekly competition in which the group admins announce a theme and members may submit a photo that they believe fits the theme. At the end of the week the admins announce a winner and two runner-ups (or is it runners-up?). We thank and encourage each other, and then the admins announce a theme for the next week. Low-key, enjoyable fun!

For your interest, here are the photos I submitted in various weeks of the competition, starting with the most recent:

This theme was “Signs of Spring.” Our lemon and lime trees bloom three or four times per year, including early spring, so I submitted this photo of a honeybee doing his work. I shot this photo in April 2020 using an iPhone 11 Pro.
This theme was “One,” so I submitted an image of the Matterhorn standing in solitary majesty in the morning sun. I shot this photo in 2008 using a Kodak Z712 zoom digital camera.
This theme was “The Heavens,” including sky, clouds, stars, or perhaps anything overhead. My photo shows an evening thunderstorm over Grand Canyon, complete with a fragment of rainbow on the horizon. I shot this photo in 2022 with an iPhone 11 Pro.
For a theme of “Something Old,” I submitted this image of broken cathedral bells in Lubeck, Germany. The bells fell to the bottom of the bell tower during Allied bombing in World War II. I shot this photo in 2019 with a Canon SL2 DSLR.
For a theme of “Action,” I submitted this image of a Union Pacific Challenger locomotive charging up the Altamont Pass near Livermore, CA. I shot this photo in 1992 with a Nikon SLR using film.
For “The Art of Water,” I submitted this image of waterfalls in Milford Sound, New Zealand. I shot this photo in 2017 with a Canon T2i DSLR.

Shameless plug: most of these photos and many more are on display at https://jesseyow.picfair.com/ (copy and paste the address) if you would like to see more of my photography. Better yet, if you want some artwork for your home or office, take a look at my gallery for a good selection!

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