Corfu is a small seaport on the northwest tip of Greece. An artist’s aerial rendering (below) shows the old town with its ferry terminal, a large park to the right of the old district, and a fortress complex on the point to the right of the park area. The map also shows a moat of sorts that the British (I think) dug to provide an additional barrier between the fortress and the town.

Aerial view of old Corfu. Old Town is to the left, and a fortress complex to defend the harbor sits to the right.

On the other side of the peninsula we found what is said to be the most photographed view on the peninsula. Called Mouse Island, this was the site of gun emplacements to protect that side of the area from attack.

Mouse Island

One of the old smooth-bore cast iron cannons that used to defend the city. Now they attract tourists with cameras, and kids who like to climb on the cannon barrel and its mounts.

Coastal defense cannon from Napoleon’s times.

View of the fortress complex shown in the aerial photo above. This spit of land holds an older fortress out to the right, near the end of the spit, a second fortress to the left, and some newer military buildings between the two. The light-colored building just above the seawall near the middle of the photo is the church where Prince Philip was baptized as an infant, during the British occupation of Greece.

Fortress complex seaward of Corfu.

The photo below shows a causeway across the moat between Corfu and the fortress complex. Earthen embankments flank the gate to the right and the left.

Gateway to the fortresses.

The photo below shows a moat, dug to provide an additional degree of separation between the fortresses and the city. The moat was deep and wide enough for boat owners to anchor their sailboats and fishing boats, and probably provided good protection from the wind.

Artificial moat constructed to separate the fortresses from the city.

To the northeast we could see snowcapped mountains in Albania (if I have the geography right) or perhaps even in Macedonia. It was mid to late April at the time, and although I am not sure about the elevation of the peaks, they seemed to hold a lot of snow. These peaks were 30 miles or more away, so the air quality was pretty good.

Snow-capped peaks in Albania to the northeast of Corfu.

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