Monaco is one of the smallest countries we visited, and it has a different business model. If you owned a small country with no room for agriculture, nothing to mine, and not much space for other kinds of industry, what would you do? Why not build a casino as a source of national income?

One of the major casinos in Monte Carlo, which is the namesake for Monte Carlo statistical methods.

Your city is built on a mountainside overlooking the beautiful Mediterranean coast, so maybe you could put out the word that this is a wonderful place to vacation and relax. Tourist trade provides income and employs your citizens. But those narrow, crooked streets — how could you turn those to advantage? Why not host an internationally famous road race?

Bleachers (in blue and grey) overlooking some of the streets used as a Formula 1 racetrack.

The cove behind the bleachers provides a natural basis for a harbor. Why not build a sea wall and play host? Someone might want a place for their yacht, and a cruise ship might stop by from time to time.

Viking Sky cruise ship; the nearby smaller ship is one of the Onassis family yachts.

Cruise ships bring tourists, so what might they like to see other than casinos? How about the church where Grace Kelly married her Prince?

Cathedral for the royal family.

Not bad for a small mountainside country. Perhaps you don’t need mining, manufacturing, or agriculture if you have a shrewd business sense and know how to cater to what what people will buy…

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