Signs of Spring

Blossoms preparing to open on our Katy apricot tree.

We have a Katy apricot tree that blooms and bears fruit a few weeks before “standard” apricots such as the Blenheim, Tilton, or Moorpark varieties. Today is February 5, but here are photos from a week ago and from this afternoon. Our two Blenheim apricot trees will bloom about a month after this early variety.

Honeybees and wild bees are on the job pollinating the flowers, but honeybees only work when the weather is warm enough, and they stay home if it rains. This tree will bloom for maybe as much as three weeks, which seems to be God’s way of improving the chances of pollination in case we have a few days that are cold, windy, or rainy.

Honeybee pollinating blossoms on our Katy apricot tree.

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