Time to Travel

We are blessed to live in a country in which we are free to travel, at least to the extent we can afford the time and cost. The article linked below caught our eye as a short summary of popular international travel destinations. We have been able to visit a handful of them over the years, and hope to see a few more in the future. But wait! There’s more!

International travel is not cheap, but fortunately there are many local, regional, and national destinations worth our time and energy. Better yet, if they are within a day or less of driving time, a visit does not have to cost all that much.

At the top of our list is visiting kids, grandkids, and extended family. Our family is scattered across at least six states (we have to stop and count it up on our fingers), which gives us plenty of reason to hit the road.

Next on our list are regional attractions like Point Reyes National Seashore, the San Mateo Coast, Point Lobos, Mount Diablo, Sycamore Grove, and other local parks and land preserves. Many of these make a fine day trip while others can fit into a couple hours of free time.

Casting our view more widely, the US is home to many well-known national parks as well as a few lesser-known parks. Our favorites include Glacier, Yellowstone, Grand Teton, Rocky Mountain, Grand Canyon, and (of course) Yosemite, but these are the big-name parks that attract scads of visitors. Other parks include Lassen Volcanic, Mesa Verde, Zion, Arches, Pinnacles, Sequoia, and Kings Canyon. Some of these do not seem as widely known as the big-name parks, so maybe we should not mention them. You can keep it quiet, right? Other national parks and monuments that come to mind include Cuyahoga Valley, Hawaiian Volcanoes, Mount Rainier, Olympic, Everglades, Dry Tortugas, North Cascades, Golden Gate, Death Valley, Saguaro, Joshua Tree, Mount Rushmore, and Theodore Roosevelt. And there are more! Suffice it to say, national parks and monuments provide a wonderful, target-rich environment for travel destinations.

Spring is coming, with summer right behind. If you suffer from cabin fever, relief is at hand! So where have you traveled, and where would you like to go?

2 thoughts on “Time to Travel

  1. I have been to 7 of the 10 countries listed in the article you shared – partially thanks to am international job with John Deere. But you are right — so many options close to home. We are blessed with many wonderful national, state and even county parks worth our time. And of course, wonderful museums. Had a great trip this fall with college friends to the Ark and Creation Museum. HIGHLY recommend (both the destination and travel with old friends!)


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