New Zealand: South Island

Our previous post shared a number of North Island highlights from our 2017 visit to New Zealand. Here are some photos from New Zealand’s South Island:

Earthquake-damaged cathedral in Christchurch, New Zealand. The bell tower used to stand where you see the scaffolding on the right. Shortly after our visit the city voted to help restore the cathedral, although we did not hear how soon the work would start.
Streetcar in Christchurch; one of the best ways to see the city.
Sheep dog watching the flock. This kind of dog moves the sheep by stalking them with wolf-like movements, and does not have to do much running.
Mount Cook, highest point in New Zealand.
Train station in Dunedin.
Larnach Castle.
An Alpine Parrot, or Kea; this bird is also a tricky scavenger that preys on tourists.
Southern Alps, near Milford Sound.
Starting our day on Milford Sound with a view of Mitre Peak.
Cruising on Milford Sound.
Large waterfall on Milford Sound. Notice the water-wheel effect as the water shoots off a ledge near the top of the fall.
Closing in on a small waterfall on Milford Sound.
Local fruit market (the North Island is warm enough to grow some citrus).
Fiddleneck fern.
Glacier terminus.
Walking among treetops in the rainforest.
Pancake rocks on the NW side of the island.

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