New Zealand: North Island

A friend recently asked about our visit to New Zealand a few years ago, so I thought it might be fun to post a few photos. Here is a selection from New Zealand’s North Island in 2017.

Lighthouse on Tiritiri Matanga Island (a beautiful bird sanctuary).
I would call this Elephant Rock…
Our pilot thought about transit this hole under the elephant’s chin, but the waves were a little too boisterous.
Sailboat anchored in Otahei Bay.
Dolphins (porpoises?) playing ahead of our boat.

Kauri tree, one of the largest tree species in New Zealand.
Training wood carvers to preserve traditional Maori skills.
Geyser near Rotorua.
Geothermal field with steam vents and hot springs.
The Baggins’ home in Hobbiton.
Port of Wellington.
Navigation markers (the large white triangles) for the main channel into South Island. As they approach the channel, ship captains or navigators watch until the triangles line up before turning left into the channel. The markers are designed to be easily visible on radar at night or in heavy fog. White specks on the hillside are sheep.

Stay tuned for a set of photos from South Island!

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