Can’t Live With ’em; Can’t Live Without ’em

Computers! What did you think I had in mind?

We have been busy since Thanksgiving, but this week already arrived at a new level of busy because our laptop and desktop computers have each been a little troublesome. Particularly the desktop computer.

Whenever a new operating system comes out, we usually wait a week or two, or even a month, before installing it. This gives bugs (if any) time to show up for the Apple engineers to squash them. The latest Mac OS is Monterey, also known as OS 12.0, so we waited until OS 12.0.1 had been out for a couple of weeks before installing it on our machines. Sadly, it still came with a bug or two that show up sometimes on our laptop computer but afflict the desktop computer big time.

Over the course of three on-line chats with Apple, we ran disk repair utilities (no problems found), reinstalled the OS (did not help), and now erased the entire machine and started an OS installation from scratch. This takes time, and reminds us of a screenshot from years ago when we installed El Capitan”

(Read the fine print)

Fortunately, the El Capitan installation finished much more quickly than the screen indicated, in a matter of two or three hours, as I recall. Our current clean install for Monterey looks like it will take about six hours or so. The OS itself installs reasonably quickly, but since we started with an erased disk, we need to transfer our photo and music libraries (about 300-350 GB) from backup to complete the installation. Fun times, particularly if it all works as intended!

One thought on “Can’t Live With ’em; Can’t Live Without ’em

  1. The other side of the coin with regard to projected time to completion is when my screen tells me the process will be complete in about five seconds, but it shows me the five second prediction for more like an hour. Someone I know called that “computer time.“

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