Covid’s Delta Force

If you wonder how the Delta Variant compares with the plain old, vanilla variety of coronavirus that causes Covid-19, then this post is for you. The article linked below presents the comparison in simple terms. However, you may get a surprise when you see how many other coronavirus variants lurk out there, with more still being discovered from time to time.

For almost two years we have heard members of corporate media (the “chattering class”) and government speculate about when the Covid-19 pandemic might be over and what it might take to get us there. They toss around terms like epidemic, pandemic, herd immunity, immunization thresholds, and so on, often without fully understanding their meanings or implications. You and I may be guilty of similar offenses, but I don’t think we have been as energized at setting up false expectations (“two weeks to stop the spread!”) or moving the goal posts. And since Covid-19 was new, research was incomplete (and still is), data were incomplete (and still are), and government policies were in continual flux (and they still are, too),. We were all sort of flying blind, doing the best we could.

After almost two years of experience with this virus, the new normal certainly starts to feel old. Regardless, timelines and maps in the linked article suggest something that is common sense when we recall the behavior of other coronaviruses. This virus will eventually become endemic (if it has not already done so), and it will always be with us in one form or another, or several at once. So, how do we live with an endemic virus? Food for thought rather than fear-mongering, and something that will require some transitions in public policies.

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