Maui 2021

We were blessed to be able to visit Maui in September, 2021. We took too many photos, as usual, but electrons and memory are cheap. Here are some of our favorites:

View from the patio of our condo in Papakea
Plumaria in the wild
We found the best shave ice in Lahaina
Another Maui sunset
Trade winds in the palms
Touristy photo from the aquarium
Manta ray at the aquarium
Manta ray closeup
Sea turtles hauled out to soak in the sun
Torch ginger
Bird of paradise blossoms
Tourists in Papakea
Waiting in line for The Gazebo’s famous mac nut pancakes
Blowhole on NE side of Maui — notice the people at the bottom of the image for scale
Enjoying a tropical paradise at a friends home in Kihei
Hidden beach on SW side of Maui — you literally have to find a hole in a wall to get to this one
Hula pie in Lahaina
Rainbow over Papakea, and a fitting end to our journey

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