Language Envy

People who can fluently speak two, three, or more languages impress me. Many of us can speak our native tongue reasonably well, and some of us have picked up a smattering of another language or two by way of frequent interactions with people speaking those languages. If you had the time and energy, what new language would you like to learn, and why?

The article linked above shows the language that people in each country would like to learn the most. The rack-up includes a few surprises. For example, who would expect US and Canadian residents’ top preferences to be Japanese? Perhaps this is because the analysis does not provide any information about the margins between first choice, second choice, third choice, etc in the survey results.

Personally, I would like to learn Spanish, simply because I run into so many people speaking that language. How about you?

2 thoughts on “Language Envy

  1. I would like to learn Spanish. A sizeable fraction (maybe 25%) of people in the city I live in are more comfortable in Spanish, so it seems like a good thing to do even if I never spend time in a Spanish-speaking country.


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