A Time for Thanks

Last Friday we had the opportunity to attend the installation and inauguration of Rev. Dr. Tom Egger as the new President of the Lutheran Church–Missouri Synod’s Concordia Seminary in St. Louis, Missouri. The day was busy, but truly a blessed, wonderful kind of busy. We thank God for President Egger, for the Seminary, for pastors, missionaries, and deaconesses being trained at the Seminary, and for the church that supports and benefits from their work.

Here are a few photos from last Friday:

Placard with the day’s activities.
Chapel of St. Timothy and St. Titus on the Concordia Seminary campus.
Pulpit and altar area inside the chapel.
Closeup of stained glass window behind the altar.
Pipe organ and choir loft at the back of the chapel.

2 thoughts on “A Time for Thanks

  1. I have felt the thrill of hearing this organ and singing with hundreds of believers in this chapel.
    Even though it was a service many years ago at the graduation from Seminary, I felt hope
    and a resurgence of my faith to be in that cathedral of worshipers. Thanks for the reminder.
    I wish I could have experienced it again, especially in this day with such shocking negative
    influences in our society.
    We need this hope coming from our new President of such a vital seminary.


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