Actionable Ideas

How often do you answer phone calls or emails asking you to participate in an opinion poll? My guess would be not very often, if ever. Nevertheless, the volume of letters to the editor in our local papers and results of broader surveys by professional pollsters (see the tabulations at, for example) suggest that many people feel that our city, county, state, or country are on the wrong track. Maybe you agree, or maybe not, but other than voting in elections, what can we do?

It is easy to grouse about problems we see on the news and grouse about the problems the news media try to hide from us, but we miss opportunities to make a difference if grousing is all we do. Commentators may try to convince us to take action, but they rarely have any actionable ideas for how to make an impact. However, Joy Pullman recently published a refreshing article that offers a wide range of suggestions to make a positive difference. Entitled, “85 Things You Can Do to Help the United States Shake Wide Awake,” you can find it online at (copy and paste this link in your web browser to find the article). Some the ideas may strike your fancy while others won’t, but take a look and see what you can do.

2 thoughts on “Actionable Ideas

    1. Guess I am the eternal optimist. One thing that gives me hope for the US is that so many of us are already doing a lot of Joy’s 85 suggestions. They are not one-size-fits-all, having come from a brainstorming process, but that’s OK.


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