Vaccinations, Immunizations, and Therapeutics, Oh My!


This is still amazing to me. Like most people, I use the words vaccination and immunization almost interchangeably, although a vaccination is technically not the same as an immunization. Like many people, I don’t think coronavirus is lurking outside, waiting for its chance to come across the street and kill me. Nevertheless, I am personally immunized against polio, smallpox, whooping cough, measles, mumps, rubella, flu (many times), pneumonia, and shingles. Also coronavirus, hepatitis A, hepatitis B, and tetanus. And those are just the ones that come to mind. Why would anyone turn down immunization against a disease, and particularly a disease that can make them seriously ill? Unless they have some kind of underlying health condition that prevents it, turning down the immunization simply boggles the mind!

2 thoughts on “Vaccinations, Immunizations, and Therapeutics, Oh My!

  1. Hi Jesse, I am not sure that someone that turns down the vaccination for a particular reason should “boggle the mind” given the medical facts surrounding the COVID vaccines. Of foremost concern is that this vaccine is still considered “experimental” and has not been subjected to the rigorous evaluation as all of the other vaccines (immunizations) that you list in your blog. Use of the COVID vaccines were authorized by the FDA under an Emergency Use Authorization that allows the use of medicines based on only weeks to months of data, not months to years to decades of data. Of particular concern to me is what long-term effects the vaccine may have on our kids and in particular the reproductive systems of our young boys and girls. I can understand your mind boggled state when it comes to old guys like you and me (yes, I am vaccinated too), but I think we should be extra careful when it comes to vaccinating our kids and grandkids until there is more certainty on the long term effects of the vaccines.


    1. Good points, Randy! I said “adults” and “voluntary” in my Facebook post and ensuing comments, but should have made those two considerations explicit in the body of the WordPress post itself.


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