Child Mortality

One of my favorite information sources,, recently published this analysis of average income vs child mortality rate for a large number of countries. Please note that both axes of the scatter plot shown above use a log scale, each dot or bubble represents a country, and the size of each bubble represents the relative population of the given country. The scatter plot shows a general trend indicating a rough inverse correlation between child mortality rate and a nation’s GDP per capita. No surprise, poorer countries have higher child mortality rates.

Child mortality rate, for this analysis, is the percentage of children born alive that do not live long enough to reach their fifth birthday. The data from 2017 used to create the chart indicate that about 5.4 million children worldwide die each year before the age of five. Relatively few news articles seem to discuss child mortality on such a global scale, and those that do discuss child mortality usually fail to mention that about 50-55 million abortions happen worldwide each year in addition to the child mortality figures mentioned above. Not to put too fine of a point on it, but five and a half million children dying is a tragedy, and ten times that amount dying in abortions is ten times the tragedy.


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