Welcome to A Cup of Brouhaha!

Life is full of surprises if we have eyes to see them. For example, what do you see in the photo below?

Maybe you guessed it: water vapor rising from a cup of hot coffee. Surely you have seen “steam” (actually, water vapor) above a cup of hot coffee or tea, but have you ever looked closely enough to see the texture of the rising vapor? It is not easy to see, and I had never noticed it until I looked at the photo below (and five more like it) on a high-resolution computer monitor. I shot the photo with an iPhone 6s Plus and then cropped and enlarged part of it create the image you see above.

A cup of hot coffee, or brew. Haha!

Depending on your perspective, the texture of the rising vapor is interesting, beautiful, or perhaps both. And sometimes life is like that: interesting, beautiful, or perhaps both. A Cup of Brouhaha is a place for whimsy, serendipity, and some observations about life and the world around us. Thank you for visiting!

4 thoughts on “Welcome to A Cup of Brouhaha!

  1. I can’t wait until I am retired! To sit there and contemplate the steam rising from my coffee cup and take 5 photos of it is my dream.

    Interesting….the visual pleasures of this event, in my opinion, pales in comparison to the other sensory pleasures of contemplating the cup of coffee. First is the sense of smell. Place your nose over the rising steam and take a big inhale…I love the smell of a fresh cup of coffee. Then there is the warmth…wrap your cold hands around the warm cup of coffee…wonderful! Then listen to the cup of coffee…pure peaceful silence. And finally…the taste…need I say more. It is so great that God gave us so many senses to enjoy the cup of coffee…and life for that matter. To experience life as God has perfectly designed it requires us to use all of our senses that we have been blessed with. Enjoy!


    1. Retirement is great, but it was a bit of serendipity to get those photos. I was looking for a nice coffee photo to go with my blog title, but nothing really caught my fancy. One day, though, I noticed the steam rising from one of our stainless steel cups and grabbed some shots while I had the chance. I was surprised at how well they turned out, and surprised again when I looked closely at the steam. But these were not in any way posed photos.

      BTW, your writing is very good, and you should do more of it!


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